Serious headshot!

I spent the past four years in Georgetown University's JD-MBA program and graduated in May 2015. In July, 2015, I took the California Bar Examination, and I now work for a big law firm and do... law things. 

At Georgetown I was an InSITE Fellow, where I advised companies such as Naytev, and I wrote a legal note for the Georgetown Law Journal about how the government should use better math (i.e., real options valuation) to determine whether a given regulation is a good idea. I’m interested in public policy, technology, and high-risk, high-reward businesses. Here's my linkedin profile, if you're in to that sort of thing.

Before enrolling at Georgetown, I helped run College Forward, a non-profit college access and persistence program in Austin, Texas, where I focused on expansion, strategic planning, and development. While in Austin I lived through what were the two hottest summers ever recorded in Texas. 

I played baseball in college, and after that I spent year as a professional baseball player in Europe (in Belgium, and yes, they play baseball in Belgium). I’ve also worked as an AmeriCorps*VISTA member and at a farmers’ market. 

I am a Washington, DC native, and firmly believe in home rule and half-smokes. Go Caps.