Someone teased me the other day for having this website, which I think is fair, since it does seem like a fairly vainglorious thing to spend time on. So I thought about it for a bit, and there are basically two reasons why I'm going to keep it up. 

First is control. It's 2015. The first thing I do when I meet someone is google them, and I assume other people operate the same way. I'm not fully comfortable with having our personal histories fully indexed and searchable (for another time). In the US we don't have a "right to be forgotten," which may or may not be a good idea (also for another time), but I don't think I'd be cool exercising the right even if it existed here. So that leaves a proactive approach: making sure that the top hits when someone googles me are things that I have control over. When you type "joe vladeck" into google's search bar, this website is the second hit -- after my linkedin profile, and before my twitter profile (which... is pretty useless). 

The second is that I like writing, and writing takes practice. Fred Wilson, venture capitalist, explained this better than I care to here.

It's also worth mentioning the value of sending ideas out into the e-wilderness. I know exactly how many people read this (not very many at all!), but there's always a chance that an idea will gain some traction. For example, my explanation of why the New America Foundation's  allegations about Georgetown Law's student loan repayment scheme were wrong got picked up by Equal Justice Works & US News & World Reports. (Who found that New America Foundation's conclusions were "not justified by their analysis.") Obviously not a huge deal, but cool nonetheless.