[Updated] That will make him the first publicly traded athlete football player [see below].  Which is both interesting and crazy

On Thursday, Fantex Holdings will announce the opening of a marketplace for investors to buy and sell interests in professional athletes….  It will have its debut with an initial public offering for a minority stake in Arian Foster, the Pro Bowl running back of the Houston Texans. Buying shares in the deal will give investors an interest in a stock linked to Mr. Foster’s future economic success, which includes the value of his playing contracts, endorsements and appearance fees.

Foster, via Fantex, is selling a 20% equity stake in his future earnings, offering a little over 1 million shares at $10 apiece.  This places the present value of Arian Foster Inc. at about $51 million.  I’d take the under, but this is still fucking cool.  

Investing in Arian Foster is also totally ill-advised, for a variety of reasons.  But it’s a smart move on Foster’s part to cash out a fraction of his equity, since the future earnings of an NFL running back are extremely uncertain.

Update: according to ESPN, boxer Sugar Ray Robinson and golfer Rich Breem have sold stakes in future earnings to investors; it’s not clear about the nature of the investment, so Foster still might be the first publicly traded athlete. 

Also, here’s the prospectus.  Starting on page 81 Fantex outlines how it came up with the valuation, though there aren’t a lot of hard numbers.  Skepticism is warranted.