Read this article in The Guardian about DC-area rappers Peso and Pacman, if only for the quotes:

After raising $10,400 from their  Kickstarter campaign, the pair will first fly to China, and then onto Pyongyang, where they plan to film songs such as “God Bless Amerika” on a party-bus. 

 “Even if it’s not a standard, crazy, party-like thing, I’ll enjoy the anthropological side,” [Peso] said. But beneath the bravado, there appears to be at least a hint of anxiety on the part of the two young rappers, who are being carried along by the momentum. 

At one point during a pre-show interview, Peso seemed only half-joking when he talked about the pair maybe being killed in North Korea. “If we don’t die, it will probably be a big life-changer,” he said.