This is definitely the most honest piece I’ve read about performance enhancing drugs in sports. I liked the ambivalent conclusion; in my view, it’s hard to know how to feel about PEDs, particularly where (and why) to draw a line in the sand.

And, besides being an honest, insider-take on how performance-enhancing drugs are viewed from within clubhouses, the article has a ton of great anecdotes. Such as, greenies make you crazy: 

I was ejected from a Dominican Winter League game for mother-fucking an umpire and once threw an empty five-gallon water bottle onto the field in a Mexican League playoff game. I did things that were out of character under the influence, and I didn’t mind.

Ahhh, and the coffee pot:

I remember a daytime doubleheader we played in Omaha where the trainer made two pots of coffee: one with greenies and one without. That never seemed wrong to me, and even those who didn’t take them never complained when the trainer labeled them with athletic tape so that no one would get them mixed up.

Though not mentioned, I’ve definitely heard stories about guys who drank from the wrong coffee pot… oops.