On one hand, free and open internet = advertising, some of which will be a little invasive. I think that’s a tradeoff many people, if not most people, are willing to make. 

On the other hand, this is creepy.

The hotel’s Internet service was secretly injecting lines of code into every page he visited, code that could allow it to insert ads into any Web page without the knowledge of the site visitor or the page’s creator. …

The lines of code include references to “rxg,” which stands for Revenue eXtraction Gateway, a service aimed at generating money from Internet access points. On its Web site, a company called RG Nets, which makes Revenue eXtraction Gateway, explains that its system rewrites every Web page on the fly so that it can include a banner ad. “As you can see, the pervasive nature of the advertising banner on all Web pages guarantees banner advertising impression,” a narrator says in the video.

An online store selling the hardware to provide this service even lists “Web experience manipulation” as a feature.