Put aside the (perhaps) alarmist bio-terror angle and this article on synthetic biology is way cool: 

The latest technology—known as synthetic biology, or “synbio”—moves the work [of synthesizing DNA] from the molecular to the digital. Genetic code is manipulated using the equivalent of a word processor. With the press of a button, code representing DNA can be cut and pasted, effortlessly imported from one species into another. It can be reused and repurposed. DNA bases can be swapped in and out with precision. And once the code looks right? Simply hit Send. A dozen different DNA print shops can now turn these bits into biology.

The whole article is cool. The basic premise, which could be framed better, is that the digitization of biology is not likely to be any different than the digitization of other information, insofar as the trend represents a very serious threat to our welfare (which is the focus of the article) in addition to tremendous potential for good.