The New York Avenue Beach Bar:

In May, Brown plans to unveil the New York Avenue Beach Bar in what is now an empty parking lot adjacent to the Warehouse Theater, around the corner from the Passenger’s front door. He and his partners are bringing “about 80 tons” of sand to fill the 5,500-square-foot space, along with multiple bars, picnic tables, umbrellas, lounge chairs, food trucks and “luxury trailers” containing bathrooms outfitted with running water….

While the Passenger is known for its bespoke cocktails, small-batch spirits and weekly tiki party, Brown says the New York Avenue Beach Bar will be something completely different (and maybe slightly low-brow). “There’s no pretense here,” he says. “It’s going to be laidback and easy-going.” There won’t be a cover charge, except for special events. The three bars will sell cold cans of cheap beer and simple house cocktails “that can be made in batches,” such as rum punch….

But it won’t be all Jersey Shore on New York Avenue. Brown is in talks with a neighborhood restaurant about selling sandwiches from a yet-to-be-licensed food truck. He plans to have Saturday night luau-themed parties with roasted suckling pigs, Friday night crab feasts, and live beach music. There will be lockers where guests can check their shoes and work bags so they don’t need to carry them through the sand.